Getting Out Is Hard - But Satisfying

An unexpected opportunity recently popped up - a chance to go out after work!  Granted, our community has been fluctuating between Phase 2 and 3 for a while now, so it was difficult to find something to do.   With many places working on "modified hours" I had a hard time deciding what to do that would still be open.  Especially since I get off work at 5:30, home by 5:45, and not dressed and ready to go until 7.  That eliminated the mall, but selected stores and SOME dining places were available.  

After filling up the tank, I headed up to Target to check out cami tops (found nothing) but did come across a cute bra on the clearance rack.  Which was fortuitous since I had decided to wear my long line bra this evening, and by the time I left Target it was binding and too hot!  So I did what any resourceful gal would do - I climbed into the back of my van and changed bras!

Then it was Applebee's - I figured since it is my Go To place when out of town, why not try it when on my…

Once More Into The Fray

Let's keep this one short and sweet - because that describes the wonderful walk I took last Sunday morning. 

It's the little things that can bring the greatest pleasure - and this was the perfect example.  After many  months of isolation, The Sister Friends hit the trail once again!  Sarah, Linda and I got together for a morning walk around the neighborhood - chatting, catching up, laughing, and just plain enjoying each other once again.  

Out And About Once Again - Finally!

It has been FAR too long since Julie was actually Out and About.  So yesterday was SUCH a thrill on many levels.  My Dear Sister Friend, Sarah, offered to get together for a walk and coffee in the morning.  We both had masks, we were out in the open air, and we had such a WONDERFUL talk!  

It had been so long, we had a lot of catching up to do.  We spent 2 hours walking and talking and reveling in each other's presence.  I think we both needed the time together.  At one point, Sarah paid me a wonderful compliment and I surprised myself when I got rather emotional!  It has been a VERY long time.
Later in the day, I did some shopping - for some necessities and some non-necessities.  :)

After returning home, I indulged in some photos for future "I Love Dressing" Memes.

Until next time - Stay Safe And Pretty (and Masked) Sweeties!

Walk A Mile In Her Maternity Panties

A while back, I had a conversation with a friend who at the time was about 7 months pregnant.  We talked about the usual point - how "men just don't understand what it takes to carry a baby".  The upshot -- I volunteered to be pregnant for a day to experience it.  Without going into the specifics of the "foundation garments", after just 30 minutes I was a pleasant 7 Months Underway.  I opted for a dress that was roomy (because I don't have any Maternity Wear in my closet!) and started my 24 hours.

Right off the bat - sitting proved to be a problem.  Not so much the actual sitting as much as the getting down and back up again!  Especially without any help.  Trying to be lady like in a dress while maneuvering in and out of an easy chair was difficult as well, if not impossible.  

For this reason, I decided that the dress was probably not the best choice and opted for a VERY stretchy pair of leggings and a large top.

The next "bump" in the road (giggle)…

I Love Dressing Meme Of The Day

A while ago I started a feature on my FB page -- the "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day.  I started collecting them from the Interwebs some time back, but then was challenged to create my own.  Finding photos that were appropriate for the captions was tricky, but I think I managed some successes.

I'm always on the lookout for new material, captions, ideas to express in these memes.  So if you have any suggestions . . . ??
During these troubles times, my usual sign off seems more pressing than ever . . .  Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties

There But For The Pandemic Go I

Twice a year I take a week long business trip out of town.  An on-air fund raising for a non-profit radio network. I stay at a very nice Holiday Inn (no, that's not a contradiction of terms) and my work schedule is usually 9 to 5.  I get to spend the rest of the time in Julie Mode, away from prying eyes.  

So at about this time of year I'd be packing my size 9 1/2 pumps and heading West.  However, under the present circumstances, the job for the spring has been cancelled.

I truly enjoy the work part of the trip, but I REALLY miss the evenings.  Going shopping at the many outlet stores in the area, taking in a movie, grabbing a bite to eat.  For a gal just wanting to get "Out And About", it's a wonderful week.

Now I'll have to set my sights on this October and hope all this settles down by then.  But I surely do miss it. (sigh)

Stay Safe HEALTHY and Pretty, Sweeties!

Joni Mitchell Was Right

"Don't It Always Seem To Go
That You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone"

Being under lock down has been hard.  Now, I think I'm one of the fortunate ones in that my job was considered essential (enough) that I have been going to the office every day since this all started.   But my job is in "Boy Mode", so while I have been getting out of the house every day, Julie has not.

So I took some time on Saturday to get all pretty for no reason other than Getting Pretty.  Didn't get together with my Sister Friends, didn't go anywhere, didn't even step out the door onto the porch!  However, the effects of the session were tangible.  I had not been sleeping well for about 3 weeks.  Never felt relaxed, or de-stressed.  After a 3 hour session of "Pampering", I had the most restful night's sleep in a LONG time.  Funny how that works!

The Lesson?  Take Time For Yourself.  Pamper Yourself.  Take Care Of Your Needs.

Stay Safe And Pret…