I Love Dressing Meme Of The Day

A while ago I started a feature on my FB page -- the "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day.  I started collecting them from the Interwebs some time back, but then was challenged to create my own.  Finding photos that were appropriate for the captions was tricky, but I think I managed some successes.

I'm always on the lookout for new material, captions, ideas to express in these memes.  So if you have any suggestions . . . ??
During these troubles times, my usual sign off seems more pressing than ever . . .  Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties

There But For The Pandemic Go I

Twice a year I take a week long business trip out of town.  An on-air fund raising for a non-profit radio network. I stay at a very nice Holiday Inn (no, that's not a contradiction of terms) and my work schedule is usually 9 to 5.  I get to spend the rest of the time in Julie Mode, away from prying eyes.  

So at about this time of year I'd be packing my size 9 1/2 pumps and heading West.  However, under the present circumstances, the job for the spring has been cancelled.

I truly enjoy the work part of the trip, but I REALLY miss the evenings.  Going shopping at the many outlet stores in the area, taking in a movie, grabbing a bite to eat.  For a gal just wanting to get "Out And About", it's a wonderful week.

Now I'll have to set my sights on this October and hope all this settles down by then.  But I surely do miss it. (sigh)

Stay Safe HEALTHY and Pretty, Sweeties!

Joni Mitchell Was Right

"Don't It Always Seem To Go
That You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone"

Being under lock down has been hard.  Now, I think I'm one of the fortunate ones in that my job was considered essential (enough) that I have been going to the office every day since this all started.   But my job is in "Boy Mode", so while I have been getting out of the house every day, Julie has not.

So I took some time on Saturday to get all pretty for no reason other than Getting Pretty.  Didn't get together with my Sister Friends, didn't go anywhere, didn't even step out the door onto the porch!  However, the effects of the session were tangible.  I had not been sleeping well for about 3 weeks.  Never felt relaxed, or de-stressed.  After a 3 hour session of "Pampering", I had the most restful night's sleep in a LONG time.  Funny how that works!

The Lesson?  Take Time For Yourself.  Pamper Yourself.  Take Care Of Your Needs.

Stay Safe And Pret…

Office Worries - Not CV, But CD

I have been working in a law office for 5 months now (in drab mode, unfortunately).  After adjusting to the schedule and duties, I realized the biggest difficulty in the office would be all the ladies there who dress for business.  There are a half dozen who have incredible fashion sense - and it makes me SO jealous!  How I would adore walking through the halls in a nice business suit with a pencil skirt, listening to my heels click clack on the hardwood floors.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to dress how I want where I want - but to hold this job I must conform.  Even though (I think) I would look better than half the other ladies! ~~giggle~~

So, I must remain not only frustrated, but also silent.  You see, I have found that a hetero male complimenting a woman on her outfit gets - - - very MIXED responses.  So as much as I'd like to discuss wardrobe tips with some of these attorneys and legal assistants . . . 

Stay Safe and Pretty, Sweeties! (and wash your hands!)

Ring Out The Old Year

My group of girl friends - The Sister Friends, as we call  ourselves - have a tradition of getting together after Christmas for drinks and elegance.

This year we opted for brunch and shopping!  With my recent return to the ranks of the full time employed, my chances for getting pretty have been few and far between, So this outing was a VERY welcome event.  I was so happy to be pretty, I almost ruined my mascara! ~~schmeep!~

We had a lovely brunch and hit a few thrift shops.  I was on a quest - since I have lost weight, I needed a new denim skirt.  Not only did I find one, but also a cute top to go with it.  Then as we approached the cash register, Sarah grabbed my clothes and said Merry Christmas! ~ double schmeep~

Lovely day, lovely Sister Friends, lovely wrap of 2019.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!

Merry Christmas To All - - -

- - - and to all, a Good Night!
Stay Safe and Pretty Sweeties!

How About A Quickie?

A quick POST, that is.

I was shown this wonderful article and just had to share.  Maybe I'm too much of a lady, but I adore classic styles and customs.  So here's some tips on carrying your purse and what to do with your gloves.  Enjoy.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!