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Change of plans and change of clothes

The plan had been to meet up with my Sister Friend Linda today for a coffee date.  However, this time of year being what it IS in the Pacific Northwest, she's not feeling well today.  Which means I have no other alternative than to CLEAN THE HOUSE!!! Trying to look as pretty as possible I try to keep a clean house, but sometimes that simply means making sure I have fresh panties in the drawer and there's nothing crunchy on the kitchen floor.  Today I took the change of plan news as a much needed opportunity.  You know what they say -- "When Life hands you lemons --- RUN, because Life doesn't have hands!!!" Scrubbing the bathroom floor has been on the "I've go to get to that soon" list for far too long, so that was priority number 1 --- after I got the bedsheets into the wash and loaded and started the dishwasher.  And fed the goldfish. And let the cat out.  Let's face it -- NO ONE likes to clean the loo!  I try to make it interesting by