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A Day (or two) Late, But . . .

Forgive me for not mentioning this at an earlier time. But upon careful research and in depth examination of the records -- I have come to the discovery that I have been writing this blog for 2 years!! (And BOY, am I tired!)(no??) There haven't been too many activities that I have maintained for 2 years -  not the least being something that requires fairly regular attention and creativity.  So, in honor of reaching this milestone . . .  Happy Anniversary To Me! Now - down to business . . . .  Had another day out recently with my dear dear Sister Friend Linda as we engaged in one of our favorite activities - Shopping!  Outfit for the day - with new "quail color" leggings!  I had a goal (2 actually, but was happy to accomplish one of them) of adding 2 pair of shoes to my closet.  Not just ANY shoes, either,  CHEAP shoes!  With Payless Shoe Source closing up, we hit 2 different locations as I hunted for a pair of black flats that fit well (unlik

Thrifting Is Thrifty

It was a while in coming, but Linda and I finally got in our morning of Thrift Stores!  She was on a mission - had to exchange a cami and was looking for jeans.  I went along to be chauffeur and, --- well, I mean - c'mon! It was a chance to go thrift shopping!!  "Where to now, Mum?" She found what she was looking for, and I found something I never thought I'd be looking for. As I have stated in previous blogs, I am a skirt and dress kinda gal.  I mean, why wear pants when I can wear skirts, right?  Well, I spotted a gorgeous pant suit that I fell in love with.  Yup, this dyed in the wool "petticoat gal" tried it on.  Linda said it was perfect - and who am I to argue with her!   The white top seems to go well Personal preferences (and necessities) require a long sleeve top with it, and this white one was the best I had on hand.  Hmmm, maybe I need to go shopping again to find a better top for the outfit? For those of you

Cleaning Up The Mess

Spring has indeed sprung.  That time of year when a young lady's fancy turns to . . CLEANING!  (ok - an OLD lady, then)  I am a self professed clean freak and today I took it to the garage. In the past I have been accused of overdressing.  You know what I'm talking about - getting too dressed up for the event. (A blog I follow dealt with this topic just today - Thank You Stana at Femulate.  Good reading!) But the way I look at it, I can wear jeans and sneakers in male mode every day - so why do it while "en femme"?? (Discussion on this topic will be open in the comments section below) And sooooooo . . . My outfit for today's cleaning task It was indeed a beautiful day, too nice to stay indoors.  So keeping the garage door open served a few purposes.  Fresh air, plenty of sun light and warmth, plus the added factor of encountering anyone walking thru the alley. Not the best lighting for photos