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2023 In Review

  How's this sound - one picture per month from 2023!  Yup, that's what I'm going to attempt -- one picture that sums up an entire month.  Let's get started with, oh I don't know - How about January.  Bringing in the New Year of 2023 in a 1940's style dress. A February night out at the Speakeasy Cabaret located at Northern Quest Casino.  They usually have live music, too. A March afternoon at the recording studio getting ready to record an audiobook. As of this writing I have over 150 titles. April - Easter - Brunch at a very nice hotel. Basic black always makes an impression. May saw me out of town on business for a week. Days were full of work, but nights were on the town. Unfortunately the "town" is very small. By the time I got off work and got dressed the only places still open were Denny's and Applebee's. (I got to know the bartenders at Applebee's very well) A Summer's Afternoon. June brought very nice weather, as well as a very

It's Been FAR Too Long, SOOOO . . .

 . . . .  A Quickie! Actually, it's The "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day Collection, Volume 5. Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!