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I Just Gotta Say . . .

 I am an actor. This is my passion, has been my profession, and continues to be my reason to move forward.  When I cannot indulge in my craft, many things happen. (not the least being I bore my friends with my complaining about it)  But I had an epiphany this week that I thought I'd share here.  However, since these blogs usually don't get many views without photos . . .  Grey mock turtleneck, new black skirt, black L'eggs, old (and comfy) black pumps From the "Could There Be A Connection" Department - I have not been on stage for FAR too long.  And not from lack of trying, either.  I have really missed out on the opportunity to put on a costume and be someone else. And during this drought (the last play was I did was in early September) I have found that my desire for Julie to get Out And About has increased multi-fold. Teal Leggings (never thought I'd type that phrase) Could this be my life seeking a balance - putting on a cute outfit and "being" s

How To Pick Up A Perscription While En Femme . . .

  Nothing is worse than having to delay/cancel a dressing up session because of a certain errand that you must run.  Picking up my perscription at the drug store is one of them.  I have to identify WHOSE scrip I am wanting, which connects me as that name with the pharmacist.  Well, this week I decided to not worry about it!   I had a full Julie Day ahead of me, and I was going to be in the neighborhood of my pharmacy and I needed to get that scrip.   So, wearing a jean skirt, black tights, black kitten heel booties, a cute top and my Purple Peacoat, I ventured into the drug store about 10 AM on a Thursday.   Hardly a crowd on a Thurs AM I walked boldly up to the counter, and when the pharmacist approached I said, "Ummm - I need to pick up my husband's prescription." --- Cop Out?  Good Cover? You decide.  All I know is it worked.  I got the scrip, didn't have to delay my "Day Of Julie" time, and was in and out before I knew it!  I celebrated with a Starbucks

Watch What You Say -- (Blog #100!)

Blog #100! And for this entry I've got quite a story.  Out At The Mall  I was out solo, at the main mall downtown Spokane.  I wanted to get dressed up, since most of my previous outings have been in leggings and sneakers.  So I chose my favorite red dress, grey pantyhose and a VERY comfoirtable pair of black pumps.  After walking the mall for a while, I found a shop I'd never seen before, Brow Arc.  My brows are the weakest part of Julie's appearance, so after walking past the door twice, I ventured in.  The technician on duty was very nice, and when I finally got up the gumption to explain what I was looking for (a unisex brow trim) she was very helpful.  The price she quoted was incredibly low, and I was VERY tempted to go for it.  (FOOTNOTE: again, I was alone.  If my Dear Friend/Mama Bear Sarah had been present, I'm sure she would have had me in the chair before I knew it)  I hemmed and hawed and finally said I'd think about it. A short while later, after leavin