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He Made My Day!

  I had a few hours to get out this afternoon, and I was looking forward to it, especially since I don't care two bits about "sports ball".  So I got all dolled up in my best weather appropriate outfit - black tights and pumps, black pencil skirt, hot pink top and 3/4 sleeve jacket.  I added a coat, grabbed my bag and headed out. Absolultley nothing to report initially -- a stop at the ATM, then Dollar Tree (Always Panty Liners pack of 40 for $1.25 - who can resist!), Walmart (needed some make up) and then a snack.  It turns out the closest eattery of my choice (Perkins) is closed!  Gone!! Kaput!!!  Too bad, the staff there were ALWAYS friendly and complimentary. So I went to the next closest - Denny's. I was in the mood for pie and coffee, so Denny's it is. I walked in, it wasn't too busy, and the server at the counter was cashing someone out and said he'd be right with me. He was a late 20's guy named Daniel. He took me to a booth ("Is a booth O