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The Eternal Struggle - Preference or Perspiring

I have an event coming up in mid-July - a Day Out with the Girls.  Being the very organized (read "obsessive") gal that I am, I have already started planning my wardrobe.  And this brings me to the big question: Do I wear what I WANT to wear, or do I wear what will fit in with the circumstances and places I will be? Now, when I say "wear what I want" I don't mean that I'd be sporting formal silks and pumps for a picnic at the lake.  Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a fool. But my personal preference DOES run to hose and heels.  July, however, is more shorts and sandals kind of weather, and I have yet to venture out of the house with bare legs.  The other problem here is that I have a VERY mediterranean heritage -- which means my arms, shoulders and back are rather . . . . well, you know.  My life circumstances make it difficult to remove that much body hair, so I usually just wear long sleeves and stuff.  But will I survive (let alone Be Comfortable

Who Are You Wearing?

Feel like a woman. Wear a dress! –  Diane von Furstenberg The question came up the other day -- why do you always wear skirts and not nice slacks or jeans?  Let's examine the answers. I enjoy wearing clothing designated as "women's" or "feminine" for many reasons -- the variety they offer in colors and fabrics, the desire to look pretty, the comfort and relaxation I feel when dressed.  Now, if I was able to walk out my front door simply in a dress and pumps, I would adore it.  But to avoid stares, taunts and possible harm, I add a wig, make up, and "body shaping" foundation garments.  Presenting as a woman (or "passing") makes me feel more comfortable when out, hoping that I can avoid any unwanted confrontations. (and yes, it doesn't always work, but it sure cuts down on the incidents) Ready to hit the town As a result, dresses and skirts help me feel more female than pants.  I can walk out the door in jeans and a t-shir

Mood Swings and Friendships

I know this about myself - I have a bad habit of getting myself excited about an event that is just being discussed in the EARLIEST of planning stages. Then, when the plan changes, or looks like it won't be feasible to actually do it, I get all depressed about a "missed opportunity".  This happened to me this past week. My previous post discussed a POSSIBLE trip to Leavenworth, WA with the girls.  I failed to factor in the truth that not EVERYONE has a totally open and flexible schedule like I do.  When this became evident, I got depressed.  I then made the grave mistake of expressing my disappointment on Facebook in a rather cryptic way. My dear, DEAR friends Sarah and Linda immediately jumped in to put out the fire.  They were supportive, loving, and right there with options to fix it.  Our Week Of Fun will still happen, just with a different plan of attack.  Julie is now a happy girl again, and a very appreciative one.  Friends - true, supportive, loving frien