The Eternal Struggle - Preference or Perspiring

I have an event coming up in mid-July - a Day Out with the Girls.  Being the very organized (read "obsessive") gal that I am, I have already started planning my wardrobe.  And this brings me to the big question: Do I wear what I WANT to wear, or do I wear what will fit in with the circumstances and places I will be?

Now, when I say "wear what I want" I don't mean that I'd be sporting formal silks and pumps for a picnic at the lake.  Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a fool. But my personal preference DOES run to hose and heels.  July, however, is more shorts and sandals kind of weather, and I have yet to venture out of the house with bare legs.  The other problem here is that I have a VERY mediterranean heritage -- which means my arms, shoulders and back are rather . . . . well, you know.  My life circumstances make it difficult to remove that much body hair, so I usually just wear long sleeves and stuff.  But will I survive (let alone Be Comfortable) outdoors in July?  We shall see.

Possible Picnic Outfit #396

Also, I find that I have selected about 7 different outfits, which would mean changing clothes about every 2 hours.  A lot of fun - but hardly practical.  I have to remind myself that the point of this event is NOT a fashion parade, but spending time with my dear, dear friends.

Maybe, just maybe, this will work

On the plus side, my friend Sarah has the CUTEST sandals with leopard print straps that she wants to loan me for the day. (And anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for leopard print ANYTHING) Plus, I would get to show off a cute pedicure - Misty Rose polish or Bright Red?

Leopard Lady - HARDLY appropriate in July

Oh well, we still have 3 weeks before the Big Day. Plenty of time to go through the wardrobe 8, 9 or 37 more times.

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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