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It's That Time Again . . .

Time for my twice annual (Bi-annual? No, I'm not Bi) week long business trip where Julie can get out each and every night! One of the most difficult parts of this excursion is - as always - selecting what outfits to bring along! I will have 4 nights to enjoy, and of course I need a different outfit for each night. I conducted a poll on my FB page and among my dearest Sister Friends and THESE are the winning ensembles. BTW - the numbers in the upper corners were strictly for voting purposes and have nothing to do with how each outfit ranked. I'm also not sure about the shoes in #10. I'll probably go with the black pumps for this dress - unless YOU think the leopard pumps really work??? This is a brand new dress and this will be it's first outing so I want it to look it's best! Anyway, I am SO looking forward to this trip - doing work I truly enjoy and being pretty each and every evening. A true Win-Win! Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties! P.S. - any of you ga