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Oh What A Night!

 I had a few free hours drop in my lap Friday evening, so I did what ANY gal would do. I got all dolled up in my best dress, did my make-up extra special, and went out for a glass of wine and a bite to eat.  But that's when the fun started. I even did my nails! I headed out to a nice place located in our downtown mall - Twigs Bistro. It was probably 6 months ago when I was there last.  As I walked up, the matre d' gal welcomed me. She had piercings on and around her nose that made an interesting pattern. I complimented her on the design, and she shot back with "And I love your bangs".  I got a bar table, since I was alone, and the gal tending bar gave me a smile and a "Welcome Back". She remembered serving me last time I was in, and I replied that I was impressed, since it's been so long. Service was great, and the waiter agreeded to help commemorate the evening. Only one glass of wine - don't know why my face is so red! There was another waitress th

Time For Volume 4 - The "I Love Dressing" Memes

 I'm feeling generous - so here's another (brief) colletion of my "I Love Dressing" Memes.  Tell me which one is your favorite! Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties! 

Happy 2023!

 May your new year be twice as good as the last one, but only half as good as the one to come. Out With The Old Year, In With The New Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!