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Spring Has Sprung

  The first day of Spring has arrived - and the weather is cooperating beautifully.  The temptation was far too great to spend the day indoors, so I hit the dusty trail. (well, the muddy, somewhat melted trail, anyway) Dressed for the cooler morning, a song in my heart and in my ear buds There's a nice hiking trail fairly close to my house, so I ventured out to commune with nature (and commune with the soundtrack to Disney's BABES IN TOYLAND) The sun was bright, as was my attitude I passed a few joggers and fellow hikers along the way.  Nothing earth shaking, but smiles and head nods were exchanged.  As usual, when I got to the end of the trail I didn't want it to end.  So I took the round about way home and stopped off at a convenience store to pick up a snack.  A store that just happens to be across the street from some dear friends. Looks like Henry's home - maybe I should knock! (store in the background)  After an hour and a half, the

Bitter With The Batter

OK - it's not often I return home and jump right to the laptop to blog.  But when I do . . .  Due to circumstances, I have had 3 full days of Julie Time.  Having been away for 2 months I was anxious to get together with my Sister Friends.  Friday was catching up and coffee time with Linda. Saturday she and I hit a few thrift shops and I was able to find a jean skirt to replace the one I "shrunk out of". Cute and comfy     That evening the Sister Friends had a lovely supper together at a pleasant spot called The Gilded Unicorn.  Lots of laughs and lots of good food. Sarah, Me, Christy and Linda Which brings us to Sunday, which is where it all went south.  It was my last full day of frills and fancies.  The Sister Friends were all busy (they DO have lives after all) so I spent the day with laundry, dishes, and planned to go out in the evening for some grocery shopping and maybe coffee and cake. Outfit for Saturday Night   Outfit for Sunda