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I Just Wanted To Bake . . .

All I wanted to do was bake some brownies.  Really.   I got the box of mix out of the cupboard, checked the ingredients needed, and then realized I was out of Vegetable Oil.  Not a drop in the house.  There's a convenience store just a block away, so it was no real problem.  But, being a cross dresser can make even the simplest of tasks an adventure. I was in my PJ's - I could have just pulled on some sweats and been there and back in 10 minutes. But the chance to go out was so enticing . . . .  I got dressed, make up and hair done, and a mere 45 minutes later was ready. The lady behind the counted was very nice, called me "Hun" and smiled a real smile - not that, "You look cute for a dude in a dress" kind of smile.  Then it was home to the kitchen and . . .    Got the treats in and out of the oven, and while waiting for them to cool took my coffee out on the porch. I hope these brownies are worth it!    Stay safe and pretty

About Being Out Some More

Let's see, now where was I?? Oh yeah - Day 4! (aka Day Final) Another late day at the job, so after getting back to the hotel, selecting the outfit for the evening, and getting the make up "just right", I was relegated to the only options available.   Ready to hit the exciting .. . well, the quiet streets   I first went to Denny's to get something sweet to eat.  The waitress, Kellie, was a dear.  She gave me a great suggestion - cheesecake with yummy strawberries!  It really hit the spot.  And Kellie was so nice and accepting.  After hitting the Ladies Room to freshen up my lips, I headed out to my next stop. Wal*Mart!!  This particular store seemed to be having a clearance sale in Jewelry, and I'm always on the look out for rings.  Only problem, their selection of Size 10 was EXTREMELY limited.  In fact, all they had was one Wedding Set in silver.  (my preference is gold)   Since I would be leaving early the next morning, I

About Being Out

I spent the week out of town (a business trip - I was very thankful for the work!)  Which also meant I had my evenings free for Girl Time.  The biggest problems with this trip were; A) my work obligations kept me busy til various times - some days I'd be done by 3:30, others by 7.  {The Western Washington town I was in is a small one. Not much is open after 8PM except Wal*mart and Denny's} And 2) I was alone. I decided to make the most of it. Day One:  Finished work at 7, got back to my hotel to change and made it to a late movie - AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Fun Film!   Day Two saw my shift over at 3:30, which allowed me time to enjoy some of the Outlet Stores in the next town over.  I hit the Leggs/Haines/Bali store and had to educate the young lady working there, Sheri, about Long Line Bras, but eventually she understood what I was looking for. Sheri gave me a few options and checked me into a changing room After making my selection (the white one shown above) I

Legally Brunette

What started out as a coffee date turned into a new adventure! Linda and I went to one of our favorite coffee places for - - well, coffee! (and an orange danish, if you MUST know)  While there. she let me know she had a few errands to run, and since I was free for the morning I offered to join her.  She said she had some papers to drop off at the County Courthouse about 5 blocks down the road.  I said "Sure, I'll be glad to . . . "  then it hit me. The County Courthouse.                                          Security check.                                                                              Police security. My outfit for the day - good enough for the courthouse security?  I decided to at least walk with her to the courthouse and see how I felt when we got there.  We were chatting and walking and I was thinking and we were chatting and walking, and before I knew it we were at the courthouse steps.   Wind blown, but ready to support my Sist

Just Trying To Keep Up Appearances

I know writing a blog is a discipline - something I need a LOT of help with.  So, even if there has been nothing earth shakingly important to report, I plan to write something at least once a week just to keep my hand in.  So . . . . . here goes. I had some good "me time" this past week, mostly around the house.  Cooking, cleaning, pulling weeds, and like that. It taught me one major lesson -- I can enjoy being en femme in leggings or shorts almost as much as in skirts and heels!  This is something I never would have thought possible a year or so ago, but recent experiences (and influence from my Sisters) has shown me that it's how you feel inside that counts, and since my desire is to walk down the street without people saying, "Hey, that guy is wearing a dress" - the more I can blend in, the better.   How I USED to dress for house cleaning - pearls, 5" heels and all!   But now . . .  I'm VERY comfy like this! W