About Being Out

I spent the week out of town (a business trip - I was very thankful for the work!)  Which also meant I had my evenings free for Girl Time.  The biggest problems with this trip were; A) my work obligations kept me busy til various times - some days I'd be done by 3:30, others by 7.  {The Western Washington town I was in is a small one. Not much is open after 8PM except Wal*mart and Denny's}
And 2) I was alone. I decided to make the most of it.

Day One:  Finished work at 7, got back to my hotel to change and made it to a late movie - AVENGERS INFINITY WAR

Fun Film!

  Day Two saw my shift over at 3:30, which allowed me time to enjoy some of the Outlet Stores in the next town over.  I hit the Leggs/Haines/Bali store and had to educate the young lady working there, Sheri, about Long Line Bras, but eventually she understood what I was looking for.

Sheri gave me a few options and checked me into a changing room
After making my selection (the white one shown above) I walked the mall to see what else they had to offer.

 I later had to explain to the young lady at the Payless Shoe store what a Kitten Heel was.  It was an educational evening! 

Next time: Day 3!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties! 


  1. im glad you got to have some julie time to do some shopping sweethear, love you


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