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Hitting The Town! (Night 3 and 4 All-The-Uneventful-Events)

OK - it's been far too long, so here's all the rest of the week!! (Pardon any typing errorrrrss.) The rest of the week simply consisted of me going shopping and eating.  **Photo Essay!!** Headed Out for a drink Nails Are Perfect (better than the fingers) New Outfit -- New Day.  Going Down.   You can always count on Walmart for late night shopping.   OK - this dress IS going to be worn outside a room sometime in my life.  I just don't feel confident enough to wear it outside -- yet. Next -- a night with my Sister Friends!!! Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties.

Hitting The Town! (Night 2 - The Persecution)

Persecution: a program or campaign to drive away or subjugate people based on their religious, social, or ethnic group - Webster (Which is often in the eye of the beholder - Julie) As I prepared to go out on night two of my out of town excursion, I decided to wear one of the items I picked up yesterday at the Hanes/Bali Outlet Store.  They had a clearance rack that was an eclectic mix of lingerie and active wear, and after scouring it carefully I found a pair of leggings in my size AND a fun color. More fun than Basic Black I had a later start this evening due to working until 7, which meant my options for location were few.  I was peckish, so I went to my stand by spot, Denny's.  The Waitress, Christine, greeted me warmly and seated me.  She was smiling and friendly -- but I wondered about her choice of location. A little empty, eh? The other side of the restaurant was not packed, but had a few folk who seemed like regulars.  I immediately wondered abo