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Playing Hookey

  Last Monday, I woke up thinking, "This feels like a good day to stay home from work and just pamper myself."  Now, I have felt that way many times before, but this particular Monday I actually followed through on it!  One phone call later, and I was planning a shopping trip. I chose a casual/dressy look -- skirt and hose but denim skirt and nude, almost undetectible, pantyhose.  In fact, so undetectible that a dear friend saw one of these photos and asked why I was NOT wearing hose. Venturing Out Again I started at a shopping plaza that included TJ Maxx and Target, and eventually ended up at the large Mall on the northside of town.  I realized that I had not been in a mall for over a year, and this one was definitely showing signs of Covid Effect.  But some highlights of the mall were still in operation. Oooooo, Cinnabon! While at the mall, I visited Marshall's and found a fantastic red dress for $10.  In my size!   With a Duster, and without This dress is probably goin

Far Too Long Since We've Chatted . . .

Much has happened in the past 6 weeks since my last post. But, then again, not much happened at all. Thanks, Pandemic! I have taken to dressing when and where I can, which usually means getting all pretty to do the grocery shopping . . . . . . or the household chores. The saving grace has been getting together with Sarah and Linda -- The Sister Friends have talked, cried, laughed, and encouraged each other a few times. Each Coffee Date bringing enough mental serenity and uplift to carry me to the next one. If the past year has taught me nothing else, it has shown me that no matter what happens, no matter the trials and hardships, keep moving forward. And do it in great company! Stay Safe and Pretty, Sweeties!