Playing Hookey


Last Monday, I woke up thinking, "This feels like a good day to stay home from work and just pamper myself."  Now, I have felt that way many times before, but this particular Monday I actually followed through on it!  One phone call later, and I was planning a shopping trip.

I chose a casual/dressy look -- skirt and hose but denim skirt and nude, almost undetectible, pantyhose.  In fact, so undetectible that a dear friend saw one of these photos and asked why I was NOT wearing hose.

Venturing Out Again

I started at a shopping plaza that included TJ Maxx and Target, and eventually ended up at the large Mall on the northside of town.  I realized that I had not been in a mall for over a year, and this one was definitely showing signs of Covid Effect.  But some highlights of the mall were still in operation.

Oooooo, Cinnabon!

While at the mall, I visited Marshall's and found a fantastic red dress for $10.  In my size!  

With a Duster, and without

This dress is probably going to be with me on my business trip at the end of June.

I hit a few more stores, but came away empty handed. Though it wasn't from lack of desire. 

It was nice to be out without a time pressure, to just "be" in the community.  Hopefully it won't be so long until the next time.

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties


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