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Office Worries - Not CV, But CD

I have been working in a law office for 5 months now (in drab mode, unfortunately).  After adjusting to the schedule and duties, I realized the biggest difficulty in the office would be all the ladies there who dress for business.  There are a half dozen who have incredible fashion sense - and it makes me SO jealous!  How I would adore walking through the halls in a nice business suit with a pencil skirt, listening to my heels click clack on the hardwood floors. I can even type 50 WPM with long nails! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to dress how I want where I want - but to hold this job I must conform.  Even though (I think) I would look better than half the other ladies! ~~giggle~~ After Hours Cocktail Anyone? For Casual Friday So, I must remain not only frustrated, but also silent.  You see, I have found that a hetero male complimenting a woman on her outfit gets - - - very MIXED responses.  So as much as I'd like to discuss wardrobe tips with some of t