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Out and About -- FINALLY!

  After FAR too long of being restricted to dressing for a limited time and only at home, I was able to get out on the town this weekend.  I had some adventures and I will try to keep them interesting (no guarantees, Sweeties). So let's get this show on the road! I started out on Saturday, getting some breakfast at my favorite eattery (for breakfast, that is) They have the BEST breakfast buffet I got to my table, and the server approached me and asked "Coffee AND water?" I told her just coffee, and she said, "I tried to remember. Welcome back." Wow! Service worthy of a good tip. I then went to Costco to pick up half a dozen items, and when I got to the self-checkout my debit card was rejected.  REJECTED?? (I forgot that I had had a call from their Fraud Dept on Friday about a contested charge. It was a false charge, so they apparently put a block on my card.) ~~sigh~~ There is a branch of my credit union not to far away, so off I went to get the situation dealt

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Outing

  For the past "I don't know how many" years, I have been able to let Julie out most weekends - usually Saturday mornings. I meet with a friend for coffee and shopping, or I enjoy a nice breakfast out, and I usually get the weekly grocery shopping done.  Due to the sitution at home, I pack a bag on Friday night then head out early Saturday to one of my 2 "Changing Places". (as seen in this photo) But lately I have been experiencing an unusualy phenomenon. I get the bag packed ok, but come Saturday morning I have no desire to go out.  The one thing that guarantees me actually following through is making an appointment with a friend. If we have arranged to meet, I have no problem. But if it's just me, on my own, I often (usually?) bail. It doesn't mean I don't want to dress. It doesn't mean I don't want to spend some Julie Time Out And About. But I can't seem to generate the motivation to go out.  I then regret the decision for the rest of