Out and About -- FINALLY!


After FAR too long of being restricted to dressing for a limited time and only at home, I was able to get out on the town this weekend.  I had some adventures and I will try to keep them interesting (no guarantees, Sweeties).

So let's get this show on the road!

I started out on Saturday, getting some breakfast at my favorite eattery (for breakfast, that is)

They have the BEST breakfast buffet

I got to my table, and the server approached me and asked "Coffee AND water?" I told her just coffee, and she said, "I tried to remember. Welcome back." Wow! Service worthy of a good tip.

I then went to Costco to pick up half a dozen items, and when I got to the self-checkout my debit card was rejected.  REJECTED?? (I forgot that I had had a call from their Fraud Dept on Friday about a contested charge. It was a false charge, so they apparently put a block on my card.) ~~sigh~~ There is a branch of my credit union not to far away, so off I went to get the situation dealt with - again.

(footnote: last time, I went in to get a new card and the manager took me into his office to print it. He asked to see my ID, but my account is in my Guy Mode. I told him I was on my way to an audition for a web series about crossdressers and he seemed to buy it)

This time, there were 2 ladies at the teller counter. I explained what was going on, and she started issuing a new one. No questions, no fuss, and we chatted about nails, hair, and fashion. I was out of there with a new card in minutes.


Back to Costco, then WinCo, then Home-We-Go.  A great morning out, and I felt very pretty. 

More in the next entry, but first one more photo (just because I can!)

Everyone Knows It's Windy

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


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