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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Cross Dressers

Well well well - isn't it interesting how we make plans, anxiously look forward to executing those plans, and then BAM! Stuff Happens to change it all. I had a week -- a whole week --- (well, excluding my 9 to 5 job) of Julie Time. I had a Bucket List of items to cross off, and some Sister Friends to perform them with. And then due to Covid and other circumstances, I was all alone for most of the week. The week was hardly a walk in the park - but I DID take a walk in the park. This is also the outfit I wore to attend church on Sunday Morning (Bucket List Item #1) A Night At The Casino(s) This is what I wore, but hardly anyone saw it. I went to 2 casinos, the first being a newer and MUCH smaller one. Didn't stay there too long. The other was a return trip, but they had made changes. Not good ones, either. ~~sigh~~ The week also included a few trips to Applebee's, and on one I saw the car I WANTED to drive away in. So, as I sip on a strawberry lemonade a

The Week Begins Weak

I have a full week of Julie Time at home -- well, except for going to work in drab mode. I started off with plans - going out with a few friends to a movie, to church, to brunch. BUT --- Don'tcha love it when "Life" gets in the way. Due to circumstances beyond ANYONE'S control, I spent the first day (Saturday) by myself. I did get out, I did some errands and managed to grab an appetizer and a glass of wine at my favorite watering hole. I also premierd a new top - for the Summer Heat that has finally arrived here in Spokane. The moral of the story - keep moving forward and cherish the time we can grab with those nearest and dearest to us. Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties.