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Ring Out The Old Year

My group of girl friends - The Sister Friends, as we call  ourselves - have a tradition of getting together after Christmas for drinks and elegance. Our gathering from Christmas 2018 This year we opted for brunch and shopping!  With my recent return to the ranks of the full time employed, my chances for getting pretty have been few and far between, So this outing was a VERY welcome event.  I was so happy to be pretty, I almost ruined my mascara! ~~schmeep!~ Sarah and I - ready to hit the town! We had a lovely brunch and hit a few thrift shops.  I was on a quest - since I have lost weight, I needed a new denim skirt.  Not only did I find one, but also a cute top to go with it.  Then as we approached the cash register, Sarah grabbed my clothes and said Merry Christmas! ~ double schmeep~ Lovely day, lovely Sister Friends, lovely wrap of 2019. Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!