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Hitting The Town! (Night 1 - Surprise)

I recently spent a week out of town on business -- well, 5 days -- 3 days if you don't count the 2 days of driving there and back -- but definitely 4 nights!  And that's what I'm here to talk about. I arrived, checked in with my employer, got to my hotel and started cleaning up -- all before 5PM.  This is important because this community is famous for their Outlet Malls. Yes, you read that right -- mall S . As in more than one.  Only problem is that they all close up about 8:00.  When working here I usually don't finish until after 7, which doesn't allow any time to change and hit the stores.  So I always try to get here early on Day 1 so Night 1 can be a Fun 1. I tried something different this time.  You may recall from a previous blog I recently acquired some new under-things.  ( Well, this was to be the night they got road tested.   They make life feel so B

When The Going Gets Tough - The Tough Go Shopping

When a single gal has a free morning - what does she do? I had errands to run (big surprise!) so I added a fun stop to cap it all off.  First stop - The Bank. (obviously)  Then on to the grocery store for some necessities. Then to the Dollar Tree - because paying more than a dollar for 10 maxi pads is just plain stupid!  As I sat in the parking lot of Dollar Tree, I thought, "Where have I been wanting to go for a while but haven't had time/availability to do so?"  Well, a quick thought back to my lingerie drawer reminded me I have a half dozen pair of stockings, but no garter belt!  Soooooo . . . .   The gal working there, Ashley, was so incredibly helpful and accepting, the experience was a dream!  AND - - - they were having a 2 for 1 sale!! Even though Ashley offered the dressing rooms, I waited until I got home to actually try on the 2 belts I did buy, and they fit perfectly. (maybe I'll post THOSE photos in another entry -- a sexy lingerie e