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Hitting 60 - Photo Update

Heading out to the party She's a gymnast - can you tell? Julie's new Friend - Jennie The Birthday Girl Walking home on a cloud     Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!

Hitting 60 (Posts)

For my 60th Blog Post, I have an event to share.  I am currently in a show far away from home.  One of our cast members wanted to celebrate her birthday with a theme party -- Femme Fantasy.  She asked us all to come dressed in our best Femme persona.  Well, I was in heaven!  But I hadn't brought any "Julie Stuff" with me, so I had to cobble together not just an outfit, but hair, foundations and make up too. Not bad for a quickly put together look I went to the party knowing full well that the question would probably pop up - "You're looking so wonderful, have you done this before?"  Well, it did.  One gal in particular was very interested in who Julie is and said she'd like to spend more time with her. (squeeee!) The party itself was fun . . . . . . if not a little fuzzy!  But a good time was had by all - especially THIS girl. Some times stepping out into unknown territory can bring about new rewards and new friends.  (