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Boldly Going Where She Hasn't Gone Before

 I have shared this story elsewhere, but here it is - officially - with a bit more detail.  But first, and most importantly, the Outfit Of That Day. Cream colored body suit/leotard, pink leggings (with pantyhose underneath for warmth) grey sweater and tennis shoes. (add to this my Purple Peacoat and that's how I started the day.) Forgive the Restroom Setting - a gal grabs these photos where she can BACKSTORY - our debit card had not been working.  I tried an online payment and an In App food order, both rejected the card.  So, I was starting our weekly Saturday morning shopping.  First stop was Target where our debit card was again rejected.  I paid cash and left, wondering what to do.  Our credit union has a branch office right across the street from Target, and they are open Saturday mornings, however . . .  THIS is not the face on my Legal ID (but this IS my purple peacoat) What to do?? I needed the card, but didn't want to find a place to change clothes before going into th