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National Girls Night Out - a pictoral essay

Well, MOSTLY pictoral. Since it fell on a Thursday this year, I was flying solo. Which makes me want to call it National GIRL'S Night Out. But that didn't stop me from squeezing into some shapewear, getting into my best outfit - complete with silky sheer pantyhose (since it is ALSO National Legwear Day) and finally settled on my leopard print pumps. (for a splash of color, of course) I then went to the 3 best hotels in downtown Spokane - The Davenport Group. I felt beautiful, got some attention, enjoyed a nice (and rather expensive) salad and glass of Chardonnay, and didn't want the night to end.

A Close Call - Or Too Close To Call?

What is the biggest fear many CD'ers have? Being out in public and running into someone they know who has NO idea about their Femme Self. Or, in other words, being caught. I have been Out And About for a few years now and have managed to avoid this experience -- until recently. Not only did it happen to me - it happened TWICE in 2 weeks. First Experience - Thrift Shopping. I was brousing the dresses at Value Village. The aisles are rather narrow, so when there's a shopping cart in the way it gets tight. When there's TWO carts, you cannot pass. Well, there was one, and as I approached that end of the aisle, another cart entered. Passage was blocked - not that it mattered, I was still brousing dresses. But the woman with the second cart addressed me with a smile. "If you need to get by, just let me know and I'll move." I looked up and realized that I know this woman. Judging from her reactions I do not think she recognized me, so I thanked her, turne