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Down Memory Lane -- In Pumps

Funny how a random comment or reference can trigger a memory. That happened to me this morning.   I was reminded of the Halloween in my Jr year of high school when I decided to be "a hooker" and enlisted the VERY willing help of a female friend, Alice. It was mostly her wardrobe, and I have vague memories of exactly what I was wearing. I went to her house the week prior to select the "costume". She had laid out 4 or 5 dresses for me to try.  The first one was perfect, but that didn't stop me from wanting to try on all the others. Her mother, who was assisting, commented that I was enjoying my little fashion show. Alice supplied the shoes as well - good thing we were the same size - and I told her I'd take care of the undergarments. Our town did a Halloween Parade during the day on Oct 31, and I had "marched" with 2 friends - we were The Marx Brothers handing out candy along the parade route. So that evening I had transformed from Groucho to a Lady

Quick Question - - -

Straight or Permed. What do you think looks best? Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties

Ask Me Some Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies

  Your Reporter Is Ready And Waiting I've been inspired by some conversations IRL about "Who is Julie" and "Why is Julie". So I thought I'd open up the floor to questions.  Feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I promise I'll give honest answers (as long as I don't incriminate anyone!)(😁)  Ask in the comments below, or by email ( and I will respond in kind. NO topics will be tabled - just the author! Let the interrogation begin!  Oh yeah - and Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!