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When We Last Saw Our Heroine . . .

She was wrapping up a pretty fun and full week.  I had another trip for pie and coffee.  There were a few tables of "young folk" there this time (high school seniors-ish) who gave me a second glance, but said nothing. Then there was more time spent downtown. The Bloomsday Runners statues - downtown landmark   Hoopfest - the nation's biggest 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - getting set up Outside the old Masonic Temple - we both were a little stiff   Does this store make me look fat?  The true highlight of Friday, however, comes with no photos.  I had connected with another Girl Like Me on line and came to find out my male side is friends with his wife!! "Kendra" had recently come out to her and asked if I could talk to her about it all.  I was invited to their house for dinner and we had a wonderful chat.  By the end of the evening, the wife was visibly at ease with Kendra and I being there.  She even suggested making their home a safe p

A Full Week Makes A Gal Weak

Well, as promised, here's the rest of my Week Of Julie.  "What's that", you say. "How does Sunday get it's own entry and the rest of the week has to share?" Believe me, Sunday was a jam packed romp in the world of excitement all by itself. (if you don't believe me, read my previous blog entry - So - let's recap the week!!  Monday -- well, I needed to recover from Sunday. Moving on! Tuesday -- Treated my dear Sister Friend Linda to a movie and afternoon out. (JURASSIC WORLD - FALLEN KINGDOM.  Highly recommended) I did break one of my ground rules and didn't take photos, so I have no real proof, other than the word of a Lady (and one stray photo of yours truly at yet another Walmart). But we did have fun - and we got "Ma'am"-ed a number of times. Wednesday -- ventured downtown and ran into a situation.  But if my Dear Sisters have taught m

Girl's Day In - And Out - And All About

Feeling Pretty  Aaaaaannnd - we're off and running. A full week of Julie started off in the best possible way - a make over session!!  My dear Sister Friend Sarah invited her dear sister (and new Sister Friend) Abbie to my place.  Abbie brought a ton of sample products and she lead the way to new and fresh looks for us both - eyes, brows, lips and attitudes! Abbie (center) and her students Of course, once you look pretty you have to do something about it.  So we decided to go downtown to shop, eat, drink, and sing.  That meant I had to change - and experience another first for me. Being July, Sarah insisted that wearing pantyhose would not only be uncomfortable but would say to other women that I was not one of them.  So I ventured out bare legged for the first time, and felt rather naked! 😏 We started at a vintage clothing shop, browsing through lots of fashion from the 60's to the 00's (that doesn't look right, but you get what I mean), but I have alw