Girl's Day In - And Out - And All About

Feeling Pretty
 Aaaaaannnd - we're off and running.

A full week of Julie started off in the best possible way - a make over session!!  My dear Sister Friend Sarah invited her dear sister (and new Sister Friend) Abbie to my place.  Abbie brought a ton of sample products and she lead the way to new and fresh looks for us both - eyes, brows, lips and attitudes!

Abbie (center) and her students

Of course, once you look pretty you have to do something about it.  So we decided to go downtown to shop, eat, drink, and sing.  That meant I had to change - and experience another first for me. Being July, Sarah insisted that wearing pantyhose would not only be uncomfortable but would say to other women that I was not one of them.  So I ventured out bare legged for the first time, and felt rather naked! 😏

We started at a vintage clothing shop, browsing through lots of fashion from the 60's to the 00's (that doesn't look right, but you get what I mean), but I have always said - they stop making cute clothes at size 12. (what's a chunky gal to do?) I walked out empty handed, but Sarah did find a darling item for her "something blue" for her wedding next month.

After grabbing something to eat, we headed to a local bar that hosts a Showtunes Sing-a-long . . . and did we ever.

The 3 Nightingales

Another friend was Hostess for the event, and she welcomed us with shots.  Then another for me to celebrate Julie's Night Out.  And then another when we all sang Great Balls Of Fire. (yes, it WAS Fireball)  Between the wine at my house, a beer and sharing a cocktail at dinner and then the club, I consumed more alcohol on this one evening than I have in my entire life! Surprisingly, I didn't feel it at all (until Monday morning, that is). 

 Sarah's fiancé Henry joined us toward the end of the night - just in time to help us all out the door.  Henry had met Julie once before, and I think it rather feminine of me that as he walked in the door, the first thing I thought was, "Oh no, I was wearing this SAME outfit the last time he saw me." 😆 Fun Point - as we were leaving, a young (and I do mean YOUNG) man asked me for my number. What a thrill!

The rest of the week was almost as busy - more on that coming up!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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