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Blog Entey #130! - Where Everbody Wants To Know Your Name

  Blog Entry #130 - who-da thunk it!  I don't think I've done 130 of many other things, but here I am - Blog #130.  Feel free to look back and enjoy any of the previous 129 articles, I know I will. But for now, here we go . . .  I was able to get out last week (finally!) for a few hours. I planned some shopping, both necessities and clothes browsing.  I also planned to end the evening at Applebee's for a glass of wine and a snack.   I questioned the purple with the red, but I think it works I managed to NOT buy anything (other than the necssities) so I was REALLY looking forward to the wine. I pulled into Applebee's parking lot and it was packed. Honestly, when I see that, my first reaction is to NOT go in. Too many people, too many opportunities for being "read". But the lack of anything fun happening up to that point gave me the courage to get out of the car and walk in. In the parking lot - One Giant Step For Julie As I entered, there were a few folk waitin

August 10th is National Shapewear Day

 Since I haven't posted in FAR too long - here's a Quickie! Trying to make this hourglass figure requires a LOT of help - most of which is primarily Spandex.  Looking back to offer "With" and "Without" comparisons, I realize that I have only 1 photo of Julie when she's NOT wearing some kind of shapewear.  So here's a few where I think I succeeded with the look! Baby Got Back?? My One And Only Pic Without Shapewear Showing It Off My Marilyn Moment Cute And Curvy The moral of the story - to quote Mel Brooks - "If you're going to walk up to the bell - Ring It!" Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties