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Experimenting with Fashion

When you have a question, the best way to find an answer is by using the Scientific Method  --  find a method and stick to it . . . um, scientifically. (OK, it was a stretch but you're still reading!) Speaking of "a stretch", I got a new dress -- a different style than I usually wear. (as Sarah put it - "a little more voluptuous vs your usually sweet/sassy")  "Sassy" or "Voluptuous" - you choose Now, I usually wear more flowing materials. But with this Body Con style, I need some, rather "industrial strength" foundation garments to keep everything in place.  In fact, I end up wearing more Spandex than the whole cast of A CHORUS LINE. (ba dum dum) We're planning a night of dancing soon, and I wondered if this would be comfy by the end of the night.  So I decided to put it all on and spend 4 hours at home doing chores. Cat Box needed tending - not something I plan to do on the dance floor.   Laun

Scared Beyond Reason

OK - I'm home and safe, so I should relax before writing this.  But I can't wait. I had perhaps the most frightening experience of my cross dressing life tonight on a simple walk around the block. I was headed to the corner store for a Pepsi - a safe place, Julie has patronized that business a number of times. I snapped a photo on the way there . . .  Artsy shot - thanks, Sarah! After snapping a picture right in front of the shop . . .   I was spoken to by a man passing on his bike. "Nice picture", he said.  I replied "Thank you" as he passed.  I then heard from behind me "What the f*ck?"  He turned around and started following me.  I by passed the store and tried to make a bee line for home (without breaking into a run).  As I approached the corner (which would put me 1/2 a block from my front door) a car pulls up to the curb right in front of me and a young man steps out.  Then I notice another young man leaning on the car alread

Go Out - Or Not Go Out - THAT'S A Question?

***DISCLAIMER***   The following blog post is not intended to rant at anyone in particular, just at the circumstances and situations. *  #  *  #  *  #  *  #  *  #  *  #  *  #  Due to the realities of my life, there are times when I find I have "Julie Time" on rather short notice.  When that happens, my main desire is to get together with my Sister Friends and go somewhere.  However, my Sisters have lives and schedules of their own.  So my free time doesn't necessarily line up with theirs.  At times like that, I have to decide what to do and where to go. Usually I spend the evening deciding what to wear, change my mind a few times, give the cat some attention, change clothes again, and then spend the night watching a movie.  Outfit #379 Outfit #591  On the positive side - I don't have to spend the time putting on make up. Look Ma - no  make up!  All this to say that I need to just enjoy my time in silks and satins, and if I can