Go Out - Or Not Go Out - THAT'S A Question?


 The following blog post is not intended to rant at anyone in particular, just at the circumstances and situations.

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Due to the realities of my life, there are times when I find I have "Julie Time" on rather short notice.  When that happens, my main desire is to get together with my Sister Friends and go somewhere.  However, my Sisters have lives and schedules of their own.  So my free time doesn't necessarily line up with theirs.  At times like that, I have to decide what to do and where to go. Usually I spend the evening deciding what to wear, change my mind a few times, give the cat some attention, change clothes again, and then spend the night watching a movie. 

Outfit #379

Outfit #591
 On the positive side - I don't have to spend the time putting on make up.

Look Ma - no  make up!

 All this to say that I need to just enjoy my time in silks and satins, and if I can share it with friends - all the better.

Remembering Past Adventures

 So here's to taking each day as it comes - unless I can plan ahead.  Then - - - - no, wait.  If I  . . . (drat)

Stay Safe and Pretty, Sweeties!


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