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Home Again, Home Again . . .

I was away on business for 2 months - from cold Spokane WA to Sunny Florida!!  The up side was that, due to a change in diet (salads and veggies galore) and much more exercise than I usually get, (I was in a show that required a LOT of dance/movement) I lost 10 pounds.  (Squeee!) The down side --- I was greeted by 3 feet of snow with more in the forecast for the next 4 days! C'mon!!!!! Ah well, after shoveling out the front walk (AGAIN!) I tried on some things that were getting a tad tight over the past 12 months.  Glad to say 2 skirts fit much better now. (my go to black pencil skirt and my tan LL Bean skort) Sad to say one skirt is now too big to wear! (my super comfy jean skirt! ~sigh~ ) Oh well, as a wise person once said, we must take the bitter with the batter. Feeling better   Feeling prettier And more confident, too! What has this experience taught me?  Well kiddos, Dr Julie says "Don't be concerned with appearance, focus on he