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It's About Time

Yes, it's about time.  And I invoke BOTH meanings of that phrase - "It about time you wrote another blog post" and "I would have written sooner, but it's about finding the time" (see what I did there?) I have been home for over a month now, and have been neglecting this blog.  Mostly because my free time has been taken up with job hunting. (No, I still haven't found anything yet, thanks for asking) But today I decided to put that on hold for half an hour and tend to y'all.   I have been active over the past 30 days, and those of you who follow my Facebook page will know that.  A few coffee dates, some shopping, and some just plain "I need to get out of the house or I''ll go crazy" times. Out for a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head   Fall arrived - time to trot out the boots Back in October I started losing weight.  Not because I felt fat, not because I hit 60 and needed to do something about it.  Bu