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Living Up To The Name

Since this blog is called "Julie - Out And About", I thought I'd better get out and about more.  Or else I'm going to run out of material pretty quick! Well, today I was presented with just such an opportunity.   Due to plans being shifted, I ended up with the entire day to myself.  I decided to take advantage of the two major plus factors of the day - free time, and warm(er) weather.  (It's been rather chilly lately - almost as if we bypassed autumn and flew right into winter) So I got dressed in a very cute outfit (if I do say so myself) and hit the neighborhood shops. Started out like this - learned my lesson After deciding the skirt and Mary Jane shoes were more cute than functional, I  returned home and changed for a walk down by the river.  I'm not usually a "Nature Girl", but I enjoy reveling in God's Creation every now and then.  So I dressed for the experience . . .  . . . and headed out! The river walk was quiet,

Revel In All Victories - Both Large And Small

It's easy to post about big events - like my recent nights out (, but we should celebrate the small victories as well. Last Thursday I walked down to Linda's house and had coffee.  A rather simple and non-impressive statement.  But it is just as important as any other.   Outfit for the day Time was when just walking out the door would be considered a MAJOR accomplishment.  Now I can write "I went out for coffee and I did not have a major panic attack."  Me likey. Ahh, Fresh Air! Here's to many more adventures - large and small. Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!

Really Out And About

Typing in nails - no easy task I had the occasion to travel out of town on business for 5 days and of course packed plenty of pretty things for a night or two of dining or hitting the outlet malls.  I did both. This is a small coastal Washington town that I frequently visit on business, and this time I was determined to actually spend some pretty time out with people.  Since I know no one here (other than the folk I do business with) I am relegated to shopping and dining alone.  In the past, this has made me VERY apprehensive about going out.  But armed with the new found confidence and self determination that has been instilled in me by my Dear Sister Friends (you know who you are!) (YES - it's Sarah and Linda!!!) I made a plan and followed through. After checking in at the hotel, I got pretty. This town has two LARGE outlet malls, so I started there.  Into the Hanes Store looking for a long line bra - and not my usual "sneak in and look around, then when asked