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What's A Girl To Do?

Had the day off on Friday, planned to get out a bit.  But without a car that day, and with rain in the forecast, I chose to stay at home.  I thought I'd get caught up on some email - but my computer is very slow these days.  I logged on . . .   . . . and waited for it to load. I then got to my email account and opened the one I needed to address . . .   . . .and waited for it to load. Finally I was able to write a response to it and hit send . . .  . . .and waited for it to load. I spent a lot of time waiting yesterday, with very little result. But I did manage to drink a LOT of coffee AND change shoes at least twice. Always look on the bright side! Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!

Fiddling In The Kitchen

Playing  in the Pantry Spent most of yesterday in the kitchen -- cooking, of course. I was planning meals for the week and made a few different dishes - not the least being my favorite Breakfast Muffins.  Eggs, cheese, veggies, some ground beef - a complete meal in a muffin. Making Muffins I also whipped up a meat loaf, sautéed some sausages, and indulged myself in one of my guilty pleasures - - - -  Mac and Cheese! Cap it all off with a nice cup of tea (or 4), and it was a wonderful day. Bon Appetite!  Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!

Almost Forgot - - -

One thing that made my day on Friday was that it was the first time I went out wearing my new "foundation garments". Up to now, I have never ventured out in pants - yoga, jeans, leggings, NEVER. Mostly because I suffer from "Boy Hips" (and rightly so!)  Up to now, I have played around with home made devices to add to my curves, but I recently got a set of professionally made hip enhancers.  (Thanks to Samantha at Body For Queens, on Facebook it's bodyforqueens or her website My friend Linda gave them 2 thumbs up, saying they looked good AND natural. JUST what I needed to hear before stepping out the door. Loving the new curves They are SO comfy and after a few minutes I forgot I was wearing them.  And more than once while we were walking about, Linda dropped slightly behind me and would then make a comment about my caboose!!  And now I can finally ask with complete honesty, "Do these make my butt look big?" Stay s

Vintage, Thrift, and Great Conversation

Experienced a wonderful day out with Linda today -- we made an afternoon of it.  She picked me up and off we went to the local thrift shops.  I found a VERY cute white dress, a comfy and stretchy material, but it was a tad small.  "Tad"??  I now know how a sausage feels.  I almost had to ask Linda to come help me get out of it! Ah, the curse of being a curvy lady. Linda found a cute skirt and top to go with it.  We then tried on a couple dozen pair of shoes, but as it was with the clothes, I found nothing that fit.  Some wild styles, but I came up bupkis. Saw a pair similar to these, labeled 9 1/2 W.  That's my size -- but they were NOT 9 1/2 W. Drat! So on we went on to our next stop -- a new Vintage Clothing and Accessories Store in my neighborhood.  They have clothes at somewhat reasonable prices, as well as knick knacks and stuff.  Linda found a sun dress for $9, but wanted to try it on.  They have no dressing rooms and "all sales are final".  ~~~

Wearing The Bra - Someone HasTo Do It

The other day I took an informal survey on the street -- that is, I watched people as they passed by. In the course of 8 hours in downtown, shopping malls, on the bus, in the workplace -- I counted 3 women in skirts and heels. No hose, but skirts and heels (and the "no hose" doesn't seem to matter if it's 90 degrees out or 30). But still, only 3, out of hundreds. Women are allowed to walk around in dresses and they choose not to, but if I tried to do it, I'd get arrested or something! What's wrong with this picture? I mean, these people have the "privilege" of dressing in a feminine manner, be it frilly and flirty or conservative and classy, and they choose not to. So what's wrong with someone wanting to fill the gap? (of course, I personally don't shop The Gap, but you know what I mean) We are putting an entire section of the fashion industry out of business here when there are people MORE than willing to do their part - to step up to th

Thoughts of an Aged Crossdresser

OK - I have often been accused of being a day late and a dollar short, so I guess now is the time to start a blog.  I have recently been exploring the great wide world as Julie and I must say - it can be very exciting AND very frightening at the same time. At a younger age, when first starting to discover who Julie is and who she wanted to be - I was unable (for TOO many reasons to go into here) to go out en femme. In fact, in her first 30 years I actually exited the house 3 times.  Once every 10 years - not a horrible average, eh?  But recently I have been inspired by new friends and a new sense of self confidence - to the point that I have been out a half dozen times in the last 2 years. I finally found 2 friends who are supportive and willing to venture out with me, and that has made a world of difference.  I have only had one negative experience, and that happened one time I was by myself. It was a hard walk home after that, feeling like everyone was staring at me and poi