Almost Forgot - - -

One thing that made my day on Friday was that it was the first time I went out wearing my new "foundation garments". Up to now, I have never ventured out in pants - yoga, jeans, leggings, NEVER. Mostly because I suffer from "Boy Hips" (and rightly so!)  Up to now, I have played around with home made devices to add to my curves, but I recently got a set of professionally made hip enhancers.  (Thanks to Samantha at Body For Queens, on Facebook it's bodyforqueens or her website My friend Linda gave them 2 thumbs up, saying they looked good AND natural. JUST what I needed to hear before stepping out the door.

Loving the new curves

They are SO comfy and after a few minutes I forgot I was wearing them.  And more than once while we were walking about, Linda dropped slightly behind me and would then make a comment about my caboose!!  And now I can finally ask with complete honesty, "Do these make my butt look big?"

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties.


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