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Brief Encounter - Lasting Impression

  OK - have to share this story because I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I was on my lunch break the other day (I work in drab) and popped into Mod Pizza. There in line in front of me was a young couple - I'm guessing early 20's. And she was . . . a Julie. I first noticed that her red shoulder length hair was too perfect, She was wearing a pretty floral dress (even downtown during the work day, a little over dressed) fucia sling back pumps and a matching fucia wrist bag, and a nice tan top coat over it all. She caught my attention, so I observed closely. Her voice was pitched high, but maybe too high. Her hands were not large, but borderline "man hands". I took the step and complimented her on her cute bag. She looked at me (mask on) and said Thank You. Her eyes were smiling, but I could tell her brows were not being taken care of. On my way out with my salad, I passed her as they waited for their pizzas. I stepped up again and told her I liked he

Short Story

  Not a novel - not a tome - not an essay.  Just a short story that happened to me on my last outing. My time out and about has been greatly hampered this past year (I can't understand why) so the few times I DID get out, I chose not to indulge in my favorite wardrobe - skirts and heels -  and tried to blend in with the other "soccer moms" - leggings and flats. I always am concerned about how I am presenting when dressed like that, so I tend to take extra care with wardrobe selection. My Outfit for Grocery Shopping I was concerned about the purple top with the rose leggings, but they looked good together - even with the blue fleece vest.  The hat was an afterthought as the wind was REALLY picking up. And of course, pantyhose under the leggings. (I never feel REALLY dressed without hose) As I wandered around WinCo, I was conscious of everything going on around me - were people looking? Was I blending in? Was anyone even noticing me?  As I walked down the breakfast aisle, a