Brief Encounter - Lasting Impression

 OK - have to share this story because I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

I was on my lunch break the other day (I work in drab) and popped into Mod Pizza. There in line in front of me was a young couple - I'm guessing early 20's. And she was . . . a Julie. I first noticed that her red shoulder length hair was too perfect, She was wearing a pretty floral dress (even downtown during the work day, a little over dressed) fucia sling back pumps and a matching fucia wrist bag, and a nice tan top coat over it all. She caught my attention, so I observed closely. Her voice was pitched high, but maybe too high. Her hands were not large, but borderline "man hands". I took the step and complimented her on her cute bag. She looked at me (mask on) and said Thank You. Her eyes were smiling, but I could tell her brows were not being taken care of.
On my way out with my salad, I passed her as they waited for their pizzas. I stepped up again and told her I liked her outfit, "but next time you might want to do your nails, too" That got a smile and a giggle.
I have been unable to get this girl out of my mind since then. The courage, the ease with which she existed - I was both impressed and jealous. ~sigh~ I think back to my early 20's and wonder what would have been different if I had been that confident at that age.
This post won't change anyone's life, but I felt I had to "talk it out". I now return you to your regularly scheduled Internet Surfing.
Just had to post some kind of photo, so here it is!

Stay Safe and Pretty Sweeties


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