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Much More Later -- But FIRST . . .

This has been (and continues to be) a Week Of Julie.  Details are coming, but I just had to share this traumatic experience from today's activities. Movie shopping at Wal*mart  So, as I was out and about, I had a mishap on the drive home.   Blissfully unaware of what's about to hit me. No, no - not that.  My  bra strap broke!  Now this shouldn't be a major concern - except for the fact that for a "Girl Like Me", the only thing holding the girls in place IS the bra strap! Ooops! There she goes!! I drove the last 7 blocks holding on to "Cagney" ("Lacey" stayed in place like a good girl) and I got some VERY interesting looks from drivers at the traffic lights.  After getting home, I managed to fix the problem in the garage - I mean it's one thing to be clutching your breast while driving, but it's rather disconcerting to the neighbors to be spotted doing so while strolling up the walkway. More info on the rest of

"It Was So Nice Out, I Decided To Leave It Out All Day"

The day was far too nice to stay indoors, so I wanted an outing.  One of the benefits of being unemployed is you can go on a hike whenever you like.  One of the draw backs of being unemployed is you often have to go alone.  So I did. There's a trail not too far from my house, so I headed out (after spending FAR too much time deciding what to wear).  I brewed a cup of tea to go and started walking.   No, I didn't walk 25 miles - it just FELT like it  A beautiful day will bring out lots of people.  I passed many a walker/jogger/cyclist and made sure to say "Good Morning" to each of them, and didn't get a strange look from any -- except for one of the road construction guys!  As I approached, I could tell he was looking at me.  As I got to him, I said "Good Morning" and he blushed, mumbled a "Hello" and turned back to his job. Pine smells so wonderful Too much lipstick, maybe? Beautiful view of the river I shot a l

Three Sisters

Summer is coming.  For a cross dresser like myself, that means hot weather and uncomfortable clothes.  Uncomfortable in the sense that with all the padding and the tucking and the squeezing - my naturally high temp Mediterranean body can get very . . . "toasty" in climates over 72 degrees.  So, as we enter June, my chances to get out with my Sister Friends are becoming rare.  Today was a much needed excursion. Due to work schedules (OK, due to the work schedule of the ONLY Sister Friend currently employed full time) we had to meet for coffee at O-Dark 30 in the blessed AM.  (OK, it was 7:30.  But when it takes you 25 to 30 minutes to get ready and another 15 to walk to the coffee shop -- that's early!) There were never such devoted Sisters Linda and I stepped up to the counter together and were greeted with "Good morning, Ladies" - whether they say it because that's how I'm presenting and they want to be polite, or because they genuinely see