"It Was So Nice Out, I Decided To Leave It Out All Day"

The day was far too nice to stay indoors, so I wanted an outing.  One of the benefits of being unemployed is you can go on a hike whenever you like.  One of the draw backs of being unemployed is you often have to go alone.  So I did.

There's a trail not too far from my house, so I headed out (after spending FAR too much time deciding what to wear).  I brewed a cup of tea to go and started walking.

No, I didn't walk 25 miles - it just FELT like it

 A beautiful day will bring out lots of people.  I passed many a walker/jogger/cyclist and made sure to say "Good Morning" to each of them, and didn't get a strange look from any -- except for one of the road construction guys!  As I approached, I could tell he was looking at me.  As I got to him, I said "Good Morning" and he blushed, mumbled a "Hello" and turned back to his job.

Pine smells so wonderful
Too much lipstick, maybe?

Beautiful view of the river

I shot a little video (for you, Sarah) and will try to post a link to it here -  

Made it back home with no troubles and one major lesson learned.  Don"t take a large cup of tea on a hike when there are no "facilities" available along the way!

Stay safe and pretty, Sweeties!


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