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The Ever Expanding Wardrobe

When a gal is out and about, enjoying coffee time with friends or just doing the grocery shopping, the biggest danger is venturing into a clothing shop! My clothing budget is only so big - and that has to cover wardrobes for BOTH of us - so when I spot a pretty little dress a MAJOR conflict is ignited. Take THIS litle number, for example. I spotted it on the rack at a Ross Dress For Less. It caught my attention for a few reasons. It's a wrap around (I don't own one of those) It fit into all my Style Requirements (long sleeves,classy design) Marked down from $80 to $10 (how could I say no!) Since restrictions on changing rooms at clothing stores have lifted, I was at least able to try it on before buying. I must admit, I am STILL on the fence about it. I don't often do this, but I solicit YOUR opinions. Please comment below - Keep It or Pitch It? I anxiously await the verdict. Until the votes are in - and even afterwards - Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties. P. S.

A Few Firsts On A Saturday Outing

First - the OOTD. Denim skirt. black pantyhose, black pumps, cream color body suit and grey jacket. Julie was planning a full morning out - a bit of shopping, a mid-morning muffin and coffee stop, and like that. I arrived at my first stop, The Dollar Tree. As I was approaching the entrance, a gentleman was exiting the store. I was still 50 feet or so away from the door, but he stood there and held it open, with a smile on his face, and waited for me. I was a tad nervous approaching him - would he notice as I got closer and "slam the door" on me? As I entered the store I thanked him with my best smile (and best femme voice) and he gave me a BIGGER smile back and said “You’re Welcome”. I had my femininity acknowledged by a (rather cute) guy with NO judgement. Later that morning I went to a Shari's for my muffin break, and I did something REALLY stupid - I locked myself out of my car! (Yet ANOTHER first for me) Being Julie and having to call for assistance was rather fr