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"I STILL Love Dressing" Memes

  The most popular entry in this Blog has been, by far and away, the article about my series of posts on my Facebook page called The "I Love Dressing" Meme Of The Day.  In fact, it is SO popular that I am doing something here that I've never done before -- I am posting a sequel! This all started years ago when I was posting memes about crossdressing. I noticed that a lot of them used photos of GG women - seriously? If the topic is CDing, why use GG women?  So, I was challenged to use my own photos. I have put together well over 100 of these thus far, and am still adding new ones. For more of these, check out the previous Blog Entry, "I Love Dressing", or go to my FB page for daily updates! Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!