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Halloween Then and (hopefully) Now - A Photo Essay

A visit from Halloween Costumes Past --- and my all time favorite . . . Stay Safe And Pretty Scary, Sweeties!

"Pardon me, Miss . . . "

I had one day to get out - not even a whole day, a mere 5 hours - so I decided to make the most of it. Being a Sunday, I went with the "I just came out of chuch and am running a few errands before going home" look. The weather is starting to turn "Autumnal" here, so some grey L'Eggs Sheer Energy pantyhose were the perfect choice. *FOOTNOTE about this top (which would make it more of a "Top Note", I guess) In real life it is a nice shade of forest green, but in photos it can appear every color from brown to grey to beige! Go figure. I went to Costco and Wal*Mart -- I know, real High Class shops, eh? As I was leaving Wal*Mart, walking toward my car, a gentleman was approaching me. As we got closer he stopped and asked if he could compliment me on my appearance. He said something about looking classy - I cannot recall his exact words because as soon as he started talking to me I was in a pink fog. This man was actually complimenting my appearan