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A Few Quick Refletions . . .

  Today has been a day full of reflecting (which is weird because it all happened between 5 and 7 AM!) Between the random "I Love Dressing" meme that popped up for today . . .  . . . to a memory that popped up on FB . . . " I have always felt that I was simply a man who enjoys women's clothes. I have no desire to transition, I don't feel I am "trapped in a man's body" - I simply enjoy the elements of feminine wardrobe. I have encountered some folk on line who seem to make it their mission in life to tell me that I'm "in hiding", "in denial", or that I'm not "being true to who I really am". How do THEY know who I really am? In this community, why can't we accept people for who they are and not try to make them who we think they should be? ~~sorry, rant is over ~~" . . . to an article in a newsletter I subscribe to . . .  . . . it g

Look Who I Almost Bumped Into

I have been out the last 2 afternoon/evenings solo — visiting a local casino, a restaurant, and a few shops – and it got me thinking about past “Close Calls”. You know, those times when you were out dressed to the nines and saw a friend or work associate who doesn’t know about your “softer side”. I have faced that close call a few times, but it was usually with a Girl Friend or 2 by my side. Grocery Stores are usually tricky places The first time was at our local casino.  We were headed to the bar when one of the ladies with me (Sarah) stopped in her tracks and turned to me, blocking the aisle.  She had seen a couple we both knew and positioned herself between me and them until they passed. (Had they seen her, I’m sure they would have approached us, but thankfully they didn’t)  "Galentines Day" 2017 The exact same incident took place at a restaurant, this time with 3 GF’s, and watchful Sarah stepped in and ran interference again. (She is SO protective of Julie!)  Merry Crossd

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Shaving

 All I want is to wear a cute sundress. Sleeveless, scoop neck, lightweight sundress.  Is that too much to ask?  Well, due to my "Mediterranian Heritage", apparently it IS too much to ask!  Unless I want to spend 2 days shaving my entire upper body (front and back), arms, hands, and Who Knows What Else!  Let me start at the beginning . . .  My typical Summer Outing ensemble.  T shirt with a Duster Since shaving is such a pain in the . . . everything . . . I try to avoid it if I can.  Most summers it's easy - stick to T shirts (or tank tops with high neck lines) and light weight dusters. This combination keeps me cool enough in the summer heat here in the Pac NW.  But when temps hit over 100F, even this combination can be a bit oppressive.  And when I see ladies walking around town in very lightweight, sleeveless, tank top, "Oh So Cute" ensembles -- it makes me feel so jealous.   Sometimes a VERY thin material makes it more bearable But unless I want to soak in a