Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Shaving

 All I want is to wear a cute sundress. Sleeveless, scoop neck, lightweight sundress.  Is that too much to ask?  Well, due to my "Mediterranian Heritage", apparently it IS too much to ask!  Unless I want to spend 2 days shaving my entire upper body (front and back), arms, hands, and Who Knows What Else!  Let me start at the beginning . . . 

My typical Summer Outing ensemble.  T shirt with a Duster

Since shaving is such a pain in the . . . everything . . . I try to avoid it if I can.  Most summers it's easy - stick to T shirts (or tank tops with high neck lines) and light weight dusters.

This combination keeps me cool enough in the summer heat here in the Pac NW.  But when temps hit over 100F, even this combination can be a bit oppressive.  And when I see ladies walking around town in very lightweight, sleeveless, tank top, "Oh So Cute" ensembles -- it makes me feel so jealous.  

Sometimes a VERY thin material makes it more bearable

But unless I want to soak in a tub of Nair for an hour, this is what I must do.  And since I'm not out to MOST of my close friends and family, it makes the whole "I used to be a hairy guy but now I'm not for no reason YOU need to know about" a tad inconvenient.


I have long ago submitted to the No Pantyhose In The Summer rule (as much as I adore the feel of nylons, I like my comfort better) but the solution for THIS difficulty is not as simple.

This is actually a Tank Top worn backwards so the neck line is higher

Ah well, this too shall pass.  Then I'll have to obsess about whether or not to let Julie go to the office on Halloween this year. (more on THAT in a later post!)

Stay Safe And Pretty, Sweeties!


  1. Hey there, your duster style is excellent! I had been toying with something similar for me, but I am much less 'on the ball' than you appear to be! How ever did you get those shots in the supermarkets?

    Basically, and for the avoidance of doubt, you look great and I am complimenting you!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Sweetie. I really like the dusters and how they look on me. It took me a while to discover the style but I live by it now.
      I get the supermarket shots the same way I get the outside shots - set my camera timer to 10 seconds, prop the phone up on a shelf/car bumper/window sill, step back and Pose! The real trick in the market is making sure the aisle is empty - don't want any photo bombing! (giggle)
      And also for the avoidance of doubt, I understood that you were complimenting me and I think you're so sweet! Thanks for reading.


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