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One Holiday To The Next

  As we approach the end of the year, it seems like the holidays are all bunched together.  Makes me think that eons ago, the People in Charge of Making The Calendar had a set amount of holidays to add, and when they got to October they realized they still had quite a few left - so they crowded them all in! 😁 Once the turkey left overs got put away, it was time to start in on the Christmas decorations.  But if you know me at all, you know that certain things cannot happen unless certain OTHER things happen. First things first - what to wear! Something feminine yet practical.  A casual yet comfy outfit of blue tank top, duster, skort, hose, and flats of course! Now that I was properly decorated, it was time to start in on the tree.  Normally I like to separate Thanksgiving and Christmas. But with all the heartaches and headaches 2020 has been bringing, I felt the need to echo the lyric of that Holiday Song - "We need a little Christmas, Right this very minute." Which cap to w

Just Like Riding A Bicycle

It was exactly a year ago I was last in the thriving metropolis of Chehalis, WA.  My bi-annual business trip was turned into an annual one thanks to 2020.  (For the uninitiated, read my previous Blog Post titled "There But For The Pandemic Go I")   It was 4 days of work from 6A to 7P, then dress for an evening on the town.  However, 2020 has made the options for "On The Town" rather limited.   Day 1, upon arrival, I actually had time to hit some of the shops before they closed at 8.  There are 3 Outlet Malls in the area, with most of the stores still open. Warmer temps made for no need of a coat I was impressed with myself this trip.  There was no hesitation to head out or enter a store.  Experience and confidence make for a wonderful combination. My usual haunt is Applebee's.  Good food, wine, and they stay open late.  Well, late-ISH for this town.   Ready To Unwind And the cleanest restrooms in town! By far and away the highlight of the trip was night 2 at App