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Tramping of Boots

Do these boots make my butt look big? I finally did it - I got  pair of boots.  Now, in my neck of the woods (Eastern Washington State) boots can be rather necessary in winter.  But I refrained from getting any mostly because I never really got out of the house much - let alone in the snow and slush.  But they do make a fashion statement, and compliment many outfits. And when I started getting out on the town with my 2 Sister Friends I figured - why not. Time to take the plunge -- or take the first step? Lovely with leggings! After a few unfruitful shopping trips - boots were either too small or too expensive - imagine my surprise when a friend passed along a pair that were too big for her.  My expectations were high, but I tried not to get too excited until I could try them on.  Imagine my joy when they slipped on with no trouble and fit perfectly! Biker Chicks Beware! Now I need to get time to get all dolled up and head out to break in my new pair of fo