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GDO - SWFL Edition

Welllllllll --  while on a work trip to Southwest Florida, an unusual thing occurred.  Julie showed up! This was a "drab" work trip, but I attended a Femme Fantasy Birthday Party while there. (see blog entries "Hitting 60 (Posts)" and "Hitting 60 (Posts) Photo Update") ( ( )  My Party Outfit It was there that I got to talk with Jennie about who Julie is, and she jumped at the chance to help out.  We met one night for a late supper and talked about a night out.  It took a while, but we were finally able to do a Day Out.  Lunch and The Mall.   Florida means sandals means pedicure! Outfit for the day PLUS she recruited 2 others to join us, also attendees of The Party - Erica (the gymnast!) and James (the fuzzy guy) (check the Photo Update for details).  We went to a lovely Asian restaura