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The One With The Scientific Research (kinda)

 What effect does wardrobe have on attitude? Apparently - A LOT. We've all heard the stereotype that Women Browse, Men Hunt. I conducted an informal study recently at the local WinCo Grocery Store. My Usual Saturday Grocery Trip Attire First, I ALWAYS have a grocery list when I go shopping. (see photo above) I noticed that when Julie does the shopping, I take my time and usually go up and down every aisle.  But when "He" does the shopping, it's "Get What You Need And Don't Dawdle".  So the last few times I've gone in, I tried to just shop - don't think about what I'm wearing, how I'm presenting, just let life happen as it happens.  I've gone in Boy Mode and Julie Mode a few times, each time trying to just be in the moment and take note of what transpires.  Another difference - "He" never takes selfies in the store The conclusion - Julie just takes her time.  It's not a conscious effort, not a "I'm Dressed As A G