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Sister Friends - Day 4 (a very LONG day)

Here's to the Ladies Who PARTY! So, on to Day 4 - the Highlight of the week.  Linda and I drove over to Coeur d'Alene and indulged in a little shopping (surprise!) before meeting Sarah at the hotel.  We checked in, got primped a bit, and then walked down the street to dinner. Henry's Angels (you'll understand later) We settled in at Tomato Street, a fun place where they let you draw on the table - well, on the paper they PUT on the table.   Waiting for our 4th Sarah's significant other, Henry, joined us for dinner.  Sarah commemorated the event on the table top. Henry, Sarah, Linda and Julie After a fine meal, we returned to the hotel and got dolled up for some dancing at a local club.  Looking back, I think I was overdressed for the location, but who cares!  I felt pretty, Oh so pretty. We arrived a bit after 9 PM and the place was rather quiet.  The DJ was hard at work, but we were the only ones there.  We decided to start the evening with

Sister Friends

Julie, Sarah and Linda - feathered and fancy! Get comfy - this might be a long one! So much happened this past week that I am torn between giving you the highlights all in one post, or splitting it over a few posts and going into details.  Let's see where this goes. As some of you may have read, this past week (due to circumstances too numerous to mention) I had a full week of Julie Time that I got to share with my two best girl friends.  The highlight was a road trip on Thursday that included dinner, dancing and a stay in a hotel -- all of which were firsts for Yours Truly.  As I stated in my previous blog, I took absolutely NO boy clothes along on this trip -- not even jeans.  Now, not every day was filled with adventure and excitement - unless you count going to Jiffy Lube and chatting with the gal at the counter about where she got her cute shoes as an adventure (see Day 3) - but it was pretty much Julie 24/7, and to me that WAS excitement.  HIGHLIGHTS: Day 1 Linda a

Let The Games Begin!

Due to many circumstances, I have the opportunity to live as Julie nearly 24/7 for the next 6 days.  This event has been in the planning stages for almost 3 months - and as usual, back then it looked like it would be 6 days of heavenly bliss.  But as it draws closer, some of the realities of life sneak in.  Like, I couldn't get out of work on Monday or Wednesday (late afternoon thru mid evening).  Like some friends (who don't know Julie) needing to use my kitchen for a video shoot for a few hours one day.  But I insist on looking on the bright side, and in spite of all the potential negativity,  I am not getting depressed, I am not feeling that cloud of despair hanging over my head.  Because the highlight of the week is still moving forward as planned - an overnight get away with my 2 Gal Pals.  This will be the FIRST time I go away overnight with NO boy clothes packed.  Nothing.  Nada.  Not even "Hanes Boyshort" panties!  We plan some shopping, some dancing, and lo